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Fight over Child Carrie Beaird Co-Parenting Solutions CoParenting Reunification Therapy
  • Parent Facilitation: Court ordered or Rule 11 agreement. The facilitator coaches the co-parents in the cooperative parenting process by confronting the actions and non-actions of the co-parents that keep the child in stress. The facilitator has the opportunity to consult with other professionals, make referrals, and follow the case as needed to provide the parents an option to deal with their conflict outside of the court. All of these services are specifically defined by the definition of the order.


A facilitator can write status reports to the court as needed and defined in the order, testify in court and be contacted by other professionals.


Cooperative Parenting Facilitation is the broadest and most involved service that we offer.  This level of service is recommended for high conflict cases.

  • Parent Coordination: Court ordered or Rule 11 agreement. A parent coordinator assists the parties in resolving issues related to parenting, development of a parenting plan and identifying a dispute resolution process.


A Parent Coordinator may submit a written report to the court if ordered by the court and may only provide an update regarding the status of meetings.


A Parent Coordinator would be effective in dealing with mid-level conflict cases.  However, if the process is not effective, then an additional appointment of a Parenting Facilitator should be considered to deal with some cases.


  • Co-Parent Counseling: Counseling for co-parents and/or children who are going through a divorce in a child-focused and a businesslike approach to the co-parenting relationship.


  • Reunification Therapy: Specialized therapy that reintroduces parents and children to a healthy parent child relationship under the guidance of a therapist.  Process involves resolving past issues and makes a plan for a healthy relationship in the future


  • Counseling Services: Counseling assistance to parents or kids who are going through a divorce in a cooperative and “child focused” manner.


  • Substance Abuse Evaluations: Evaluations include in-depth clinical interview, SASSI inventory and follow up interview with report to attorneys and the court.

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